Project Officer

The Enigma Project Officer

Let us introduce our Enigma Project Officer, James Grime.

James Grime: a riddle wrapped in a mystery standing next to an enigma.
James Grime: a riddle wrapped in a mystery standing next to an enigma.

James is our resident tamed mathematician. James loves the maths and remembers watching Johnny Ball leaping about on TV explaining the parabolic path of projectiles, yet is puzzled that Zoe never mentions it. And the theme tune of the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures still gives him chills of excitment - yes he was that type of geek.

James went on to study mathematics at Lancaster university. He was attracted by the challenge of the analytical and creative thought required in a maths degree, but it was probably the lack of essays and reading list he found most attractive. It was at Lancaster university were James first saw Simon Singh's talk on cryptography during his original publicity tour, a fact he only remembered after getting the job as Enigma Project Officer.

James believes university is a wonderful experience and thoroughly recommends it to anyone if they can. He learnt a lot there, most of it unrepeatable.

Later, James went to York university with the aim of getting a PhD and avoiding the real world for at least another three years. He was successful on both counts. At York James studied permuations and combinatorics, the mathematics of shuffling, and representing mathematics through pictures and diagrams - mathematics often used in cryptography. James stayed on at York as a lecturer and young reseacher, and was known for his unique selection of shirts.

Now, James is thrilled to be working for Cambridge University and the Millennium Mathematics Project. He hopes to explain to kids and general audiences why he love his maths so much, to challenge some  of the public's misconceptions, and to explain why he considers it a beautiful subject in a way that is closer to an art.

In his spare time James has many hobbies, including juggling, unicycling and a great number of other circus skills, and has finally embraced the fact that his ultimate purpose in life may be simply to make a fool of himself in public.

James was very disappointed when they changed the Royal Institution theme tune.

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