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Suitable for pupils of all ages and abilities from KS2-KS5. It is primarily aimed at school students, but visits can be organised for any educational establishment. The Enigma Project is also suitable for Masterclasses, Summer Schools, Gifted and Talented workshops, Teachers' conferences and weekend and evening events - with organisation and activities adjusted as appropriate.

 To book please read the information below and contact James Grime at the address provided.

Typically the enigma project is an hour presentation, followed by up to five workshops during the day.

The presentation

An opening 50-60min interactive presentation introduces students to cryptography - the science and mathematics of codes and code breaking - including a demonstration of a genuine WWII enigma machine!

All students involved in the visit need to be seated comfortably in a hall, studio, auditorium or similar. Tables are not required.

I will need a safe and sturdy table for the enigma machine, a projector screen, and somewhere accessible to put my laptop. If you have a purpose built data projector I will use that, but I will have a portable data projector with me as well.

The workshop

The code breaking workshops last for 50-60min, now it's your turn to be the codebreakers!

A large classroom or similar is required. Again, I will need a whiteboard or projector screen. Pupils will work in pairs seated at desks/tables, but they will also need some room to roam. Students will need paper to write on and a pencil and I will also need three tables, or a long bench to set out the activities.

We ask that no more than 30 students can be involved in each workshop session.

Please note, if the presentation and hands-on activities are in the same venue, time must be allowed for re-arranging furniture and setting up activities. If different venues are used then activities can be set up in advance, but about 10-15 minutes will be required to dismantle the presentation equipment and set it up again for the workshop.


All sessions must be supervised by at least one member of staff. For younger participants, it is often beneficial to have two or more helpers (older students or staff) available to assist with the code breaking activities. 


Full day (Enigma presentation and up to 5 workshops): £595
Full day and evening presentation: £795
Half-day (Enigma presentation and up to 2 workshops): £415
Presentation only: £250

The above fees are for UK schools/universities. Presentations for other organisations and events are possible but charges may vary - we will be happy to discuss with you before booking.

**Cost of travel and overnight accommodation where necessary is extra. Travel is charged at 45p/mile from Cambridge or the cost of public transport.

Booking Information

To book the Enigma Project at your school please contact James Grime at


Postal address:
Millennium Mathematics Project
University of Cambridge
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Wilberforce Road

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