The Enigma Project

view of the enigma machine from 45 deg

A Genuine WWII Enigma Machine In Your School!

The Enigma Project is a presentation about the history and mathematics of codes and code breaking, from ancient Greece to the present, including a demonstration of a genuine WWII enigma machine. Then later, in the workshops, it is the student's turn to be the codebreakers! Cryptography is one of the most interesting, inspiring and exotic applications of mathematics.

The Enigma Project travels throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, visiting over 100 schools and organisations, and reaching over 12,000 people of all ages every year.

The Enigma Project is part of the Millennium Mathematics Project at the University of Cambridge, aimed at inspiring students in maths, science, and history through codes and code breaking.

"I think cryptography is an excellent way of getting young people interested in Maths, Science and History and seeing a genuine WW2 Enigma machine really brings the mathematics of code breaking to life."
Simon Singh, Author of Fermat's Last Theorem and The Code Book.

view of the enigma machine plate/badge


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